Minecraft Java Edition

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Minecraft Account: Java Edition
Available on: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

You get an account with the licensed game Minecraft Premium in the form: Login + Password.
All the instructions are sent to you with login information.
There is no possibility to change the account's details for your own.

✔ You can change any of the account details, such as username, skin and password, except email.
✔ The inventory does not disappear after death.
✔ Ability to access the server, even if it is full.
✔ Play on foreign licensed servers.
✔ Play interesting mods on servers (MineZ, etc.).
✔ Every account comes with a lifetime warranty.

The information will be sent to you INSTANTLY after payment (sometimes up to 12 hours).

Every account comes with a lifetime warranty.
If the account stops working for any reason (except listing below) please contact us and we will replace the account.
If the account stops working due to password change we will try asking the original account owner to reset it back first, before sending a replacement.

Customer reviews

  • heidi

    It works as it should, I already change my name and password. Thank you so much.

  • nomyname01

    I think this is a great way to play the game. Thank you again. All information came quickly!

  • Esmer

    At first, my login details did not work, but he immediately gave me a new one. Thank u for grate support! Worked perfect.


    I got the account information quickly. Works well.

  • sophia76

    My son really likes this game. Everything is working. thanks